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This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Wheel Bearings. You will find informative articles about Wheel Bearings, including "Tire Talk - Handling the Load Wheel Bearing Diagnosis". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Oklahoma City, OK that can help answer your questions about Wheel Bearings. Read More...
Local resource for fuel injection service in Oklahoma City, OK. Includes detailed information on local companies providing auto services and which give access to fuel injector cleaning, fuel injection kits, fuel injection maintenance, fuel injection replacement and repair, fuel injection conversion, fuel injection tuning, but also offer solutions to fuel injection leaks, clogged injectors, as well as other fuel system treatments. Read More...
Local resource for chrome plating in Oklahoma City, OK. Includes detailed information on local companies providing auto services and which give access to chrome polishing, metal finishing, chrome finishing, powder coating, plating kits, chrome bumpers, metal restoration, as well as to other chrome plating and auto body repair services. Read More...
Local resource for aluminum wheels in Oklahoma City, OK. Includes detailed information on local aluminum wheel suppliers, as well as on local companies providing auto services and which give access to alloy wheels, custom wheels, aluminum rims, wheel repair, rim repair, truck wheels, SUV wheels, steel rims, wheel replacement, aluminum wheel kits and aluminum wheel refinishing. Read More...
These engine craftsmen understand that to create a renowned product, you must be meticulous with your components. This is good advice to those of you who choose to rebuild an engine from the inside out. Read More...
You are applying torque through a wrench, ratchet handle, nutdriver or screwdriver to hold the automotive world together and keep things from falling apart. Read on to know more about torque. Read More...
When any engine swap is done using a larger displacement engine, you have to look at the big picture. Everything around it must be addressed to handle the added horsepower. This includes the braking system, front and rear suspension, and the structure of the frame. Read More...
Air tools are profitable timesavers for professional technicians because pneumatic muscle speeds up disassembly and reassembly. Air tools save technicians time, but require their own maintenance to ensure they'll provide support. Read More...
While gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have been getting much of the attention as the next step in fuel-sipping vehicles, turbocharging — which is used by roughly half of new vehicles in Europe — is emerging as an engine technology U.S. consumers “didn’t know they wanted.” Read More...
When Mazda launched the now-legendary RX-7 in 1979, it really shook up the sports-car establishment and set sales records never before seen with sports cars. The second generation RX-7 made its debut in 1985, featuring a 13B rotary engine boosted by a Twin-Scroll Turbo. Read More...
In this article, we'll take a look at tuning ECUs on the performance level. It may be a stretch to say that all engine techs are going to flock to tuning ECUs, but for those repair shops looking to add more services, performance "chip" tuning may be an option. Read More...
Stroker motors are nothing new – engine builders have been putting them together ever since they started hot rodding V8 Ford flatheads. In those days, and even today, one of the more popular ways to stroke an engine was to swap a crankshaft out of another engine with a larger stroke. Read More...
By definition, a catalytic converter should last the lifetime of the vehicle. It can last this long because a catalyst is something that, just by being present, causes a reaction to other materials without itself being a participant in the reaction. However, real life has proven that the life span of a catalytic converter varies as greatly as the life span of the vehicle itself. Read More...
The CPI system is a speed-density system, so there is no airflow sensor. The powertrain control module (PCM) estimates air flow using inputs from the MAP sensor, throttle position sensor, temperature sensor and engine speed. Read More...
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